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How I started


In 2015 I designed a dark bluish grey tractor/truck. It took me about a week and I really enjoyed putting it together. After I had finished that project I decided I wanted to make something new. I started working on a Wearable Ant Man Helmet. This took about 2 weeks and when I finished, I posted it online. In under 6 months it had been blogged about 3 times, and had gotten over 16 thousand views. It now has 170,000 views and climbing. I decided I wanted to make Lego® props, and cosplay.

Why Brickatecture?


When I designed my company I knew I needed a good espionage. Suddenly I had an idea. What if I combined my designing skills (architecture like) and Lego® Bricks! The name Brickatecture was born. As a cross between Architecture and Lego® Bricks. Its pronounced    Brick - a - tech - tour


As with Brickatecture Moc Industries’ previous creations, the details that went into the iconic Peter Quill’s helmet are nothing less than impeccable. The shape is super accurate and the details that needed to be there were all present, right down to the breathing apparatus.

-- MikeShouts


Riley Scott fancies himself the “Tony Stark of LEGO”. However, his latest creation positions him to take the title of Dwarf King currently held by the lonely Eitri.

--The Brothers Brick


The legendary outlaw Star Lord of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is brought to life in LEGO with a replica of his helmet built by master of LEGO cosplay  Brickatecture Moc Industries.

--The Brothers Brick

He’s been at it again.   First Ant-Man.   Then Venom.

   Now it’s Star Lord, man.    Legendary outlaw.

-- Buried By Bricks

Brickatecture has returned with another astounding recreated LEGO prop!

-- BrickNerd